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Product Catalog for Converter Markets Solutions3M™ Automotive Aftermarket Products and Services

Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly formatAttachment and Specialty Tapes
3M™ Automotive Acrylic Plus Attachment Tape 06397[click to enlarge]

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Scotch ATG 752 1/4" Conversion KitAdhesive Transfer Tapes & Guns

3M™ Automotive Acrylic Plus Attachment Tape MMM06386-1Attachment Tape
Attachment tapes are black acrylic foam tapes that are designed for the attachment of automotive exterior trim parts such as side moldings, claddings, badging, nameplates, rocker panels, etc. These tapes require an adhesion promoter.

3M™ Duct Tape 3900Cloth Duct Tape

3M™ Diamond Grade™ Strips GroupConspicuity Marking

Scotch® Filament 898Filament Tape

08650NA, 3M EPDM Rubber WeatherstripFoam Tape

Insulation Tape

Box Sealing Tape OverviewPackaging Tape and Dispensers

Protective Tapes

3M Lithographic Tape 616Specialty Tape

Vinyl Tape