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Product Catalog for Converter Markets Solutions3M™ Marine Products and Systems3M™ Tape and Scotch® Tapes

Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly formatScotch® Weather Resistant Tapes
Tapes with UV protection that remove cleanly with extended outdoor use. For both critical and non-critical applications.

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3M™ Interior Transparent Weather Sealing Tape
3M™ Interior Transparent Weather Sealing Tape is easily installed around both windows and doors. It is flexible and conformable, working to seal cracks and eliminate drafts.

3M™ 481 Polyethylene Black3M™ Preservation Tape 481
Pigmented black plastic film tape conforms readily to irregular surfaces. Excellent stain resistance. Resists hot and cold weathering over two years. Removes quickly and cleanly.

3M™ Preservation Sealing Tape 48113M™ Preservation Tape 4811
A white, pressure-sensitive tape.

3M™ Weather Resistant Film Tape 838
Used for sealing the seams of outdoor building panels, windows and doors as well as similar severe exposure applications, hinge seal on shower doors.

3M™ Weatherban™ Sealant Tape 5354
A black, aggressively tacky, solid extrusion with exceptional cold flow resistance and low moisture vapor transmission making it ideal for many sealing applications between glass and metal. Also adheres to EPDM rubber.

Scotch® Long-Mask™ Masking Tape 2090
Ideal for long-term masking projects when tape must be left on for up to a week. Removes cleanly and easily for up to seven days without leaving adhesive residue.

Scotch® Solvent Weather Resistant Masking Tape 226
A black polyethylene crepe paper tape with high solvent resistance.

Scotch® Silver Weather Resistant Masking Tape No. 225Scotch® Weather Resistant Masking Tape 225
The silver colored coating on the backing of this crepe paper tape reflects ultraviolet (U.V) light.