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Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly formatGeneral Purpose Tapes
Tartan 200 Masking Tape[click to enlarge]
A variety of tapes for general purpose and non-critical applications.

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3M™ General Purpose Vinyl Tape 764
Vinyl backing with rubber adhesive.

3M™ PTFE Film Tape
Extruded film with silicone adhesive, provides an exceptionally slick surface when applied and resists curling during unwind. Chemical resistant surface for sealing and masking.

3M™ Removable Repositionable Tapes

3M™ VHB™ Adhesive Transfer Tapes
*High Temperature, Moisture and Solvent Resistance *Used for Industrial Joining and Metal Fabrication *UL Listing 746C

Highland™ Invisible Tape 6200
An economy invisible tape with a matte finish for basic office use. Fits 1-inch core desk dispensers.

Highland™ Transparent Tape 5910
Utility grade, clear polypropylene film tape with acrylic adhesive. Designed for light duty, non-critical packaging applications. Good dispensability.

Scotch ATG Adhesive Tape 969 Box and RollScotch® Adhesive Transfer Tapes
Use this tape to hold, attach, bond, laminate, tab, join, fasten, mount, splice or seal nearly any surface. One side adheres to applied surface, the other side is immediately ready to join a second surface.

Scotch® Magic™ Tapes
The very best tape for the office. Disappears on paper and will not show on copies. Pulls off the roll smoothly and cuts easily. Resists splitting and tearing. Easy to handle and apply. Resists yellowing and drying out. Fits 3 in core countertop dispenser.

Scotch® Sealer Tape 2510
A black paper backed tape for use in holding or masking applications where a dark colored tape is required.

Scotch® Transparent Film Tape 681 and 6811
High-tack rubber resin adhesive on transparent Paklon™ film tape. Excellent for various packaging applications such as temporary holding and combining, light-duty carton sealing, bag sealing, and attaching.

Scotch Film Tape 600Scotch® Transparent Tape 600
An economical general purpose tape with a wide range of uses.