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Product Catalog for Converter Markets Solutions3M™ Marine Products and Systems3M™ Adhesives, Sealants and Fasteners

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3M Marine Grade Silicone Sealant 08017[click to enlarge]
3M™ Marine offers a complete line of adhesives and sealants that are designed to perform in the harsh marine environment.

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3M™ All Around Autobody Sealant White 085003M™ All-Around Autobody Sealant, 08500, 1/10 gal cartridge, 12 per case
3M™ All-Around Autobody Sealant creates quick-drying seal on most interior and exterior automotive body joints and seams. Our medium-bodied, water-based seam sealer applies easily and adheres well to properly prepared primer and paint. It may also be smoothed to a featheredge with a wet finger to a smooth, clean appearance.

3M™ Edge Sealer ES2000 Clear3M™ Applique Edgesealer ES2000, 50cc, 12 per case
3M™ Edge Sealer ES2000 is a two-part edge sealer. It is a clear, non-yellowing and UV stable, durable sealer system having excellent resistance to environmental and ultra-violet (UV) exposure.

3M™ Fast n Firm™ Seam Sealer Beige 085053M™ Fast 'N Firm™ Seam Sealer, 08505, 1/10 Gallon (US) Cartridge, 12 per case
3M™ Fast 'N Firm Seam Sealer is a fast setting seam sealer designed for sealing exterior joints and seams. Our sealer adheres well to clean primed or painted metal. This product comes in a 1/10 gallon cartridge. If saving time and boosting productivity are important, this seam sealer is an ideal choice. It is paintable in only 45 minutes.

3M™ Flexiclear™ Body Seam Sealer 084053M™ Flexiclear™ Body Seam Sealer, 08405, 1/10 gal cartridge, 12 per case
3M™ Flexiclear™ Body Seam Sealer creates strong and airtight seals on exterior and interior joints and seams. Our medium-bodied sealer offers reliable adhesion on hard, impervious surfaces. This is a low modular sealer, a formulation which offers more elasticity for applications where flexibility is required.

3M™ Heavy Drip Chek™ Sealer Gray 085313M™ Heavy Drip-Chek™ Sealer, 08531, 5 oz Tube, 6 per case
Heavy-based sealer especially designed for verticle seams. Heavier bodied consistancy. Up to 1/8 inch can be applied easily. This product weathers well and does not deteriorate under sunlight.

3M Marine Grade Silicone Sealant 080273M™ Marine Sealant Silicone
Non-sagging, moisture-curing silicone rubber sealant.

3M™ MSP Seam Sealer, 083693M™ MSP Seam Sealer, 08369, White, 310 mL Flexpack, 6 per case
3M™ MSP Seam Sealer is a high quality, heavy-bodied, general purpose, moisture-curing seam sealer for interior and exterior body joints. Our sealer adheres well to properly prepared primer, paint, and bare metal surfaces.

3M™ Polyurethane Sealant
3M™ Polyurethane Sealants are one component, moisture curing products which form permanently elastic bonds.

3M™ Scotch-Seal™ Metal Sealer

3M™ Scotch-Seal™ Polyurethane Sealants

3M™ Strip Calk Black 085783M™ Strip-Calk, 08578, Black, 12 boxes per case
For sealing openings where a soft, non-hardening material is needed. Good for use in seams and under deck hardware. 3M™ Strip-Calk is waterproof, will not shrink, can be painted and requires no application tools.

3M™ Super Silicone Seal
A paste-like, one-component black material which cures to a tough, rubbery solid when exposed to moisture in the air. It will adhere to clean metal, glass, wood, ceramic, natural and synthetic fiber, painted surfaces, and many plastics.

3M™ Ultrapro™ Sealers

3M™ Weatherban™ Ribbon Sealant PF 5422
1/8 inch thick, thread reinforced for dimensional stability and die-cutting. Repositionable with virtually no cleanup. Weather resistant adhesion to glass, metal and many other non-porous surfaces. NOTE: Make-To-Order with a lead time of 14 days.

3M™ Window-Weld™ Round Ribbon Sealer
Bulk packed version of part number 08610. Its unique feature of controlled compressability allows easy installation yet will not squeeze out or allow lite to contact pinchweld. Sufficient material to replace one windshield or backlite.