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Product Catalog for Converter Markets Solutions

Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly format3M™ Marine Products and Systems
3M products and systems that improve worker safety, maximize productivity and provide optimal finished results.

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3M™ Abrasive Organizer, PN 025003M™ Abrasive Accessories
Back-up pads, holders, dispensers, etc. designed for the wide variety of Marine specific applications and tools.

3M™ Hookit™ System Family3M™ Abrasives
Discs, Sheets, Sheet Rolls and other abrasives designed for the wide variety of marine specific applications and tools.

3M™ Marine Adhesive/Sealant Family Shot3M™ Adhesives, Sealants and Fasteners
3M Marine offers a complete line of adhesives and sealants that are designed to perform in the harsh marine environment.

Sharpshooter Group Shot3M™ Cleaning Products
A variety of cleaning products.

Compounds and Buff Pads Group Shot3M™ Compounds, Glazes and Buffing Pads
3M Marine offers complete systems of abrasives, buffing pads, compound products for finishing production and tooling gelcoat surfaces.

3M™ Conspicuity Tapes

Portable Detectors Family3M™ Detection Products
3M™ offers a line of portable and fixed gas detection equipment; heat stress monitors; and a thermal imaging camera. These products join the 3M™ Personal Air Monitors to provide a wide range of detection options for your and your team.

ELPD Power Products Group Shot3M™ Electrical Products
A comprehensive line of products that can address your diverse applications.

Marine Premium Filler3M™ Fiberglass Fillers
3M Marine Fiberglass Repair Fillers feature a unique formulation for bonding, filling and fairing repairs above or below the waterline on hulls decks and other parts. They are pre-mixed and do not require multiple mixing steps or additional additives.

3M 4-Way Spray Lubricant & Penetrant PN 088983M™ Lubricants
Light oil, silicone and lithium lubricants in both aerosol and paste form. Excellent for protection, lubrication, and penetration of all types of parts.

3M™ Masking Films, Sheeting, Papers, and Tapes
A complete line of paint masking tapes, equipment, masking papers, films and masking liquids to meet your refinishing needs.

7729 HD Tread Clr3M™ Matting Products
A variety of slip resistant, anti-fatigue and floor and deck matting products offered in different sizes and colors.

10111NA Stripping Products3M™ Paint & Varnish Remover & Accessories Products
Products that assist in the removal of paint and varnish.

3M™ High Visibility Reflective Safety Strips 034613M™ Reflective Products
A reflective material that provide night-time visibility.

3M™ Scotchcal™ Striping Tape

3M™ Tape and Scotch® Tapes
A wide range of masking products available to assist in any job.

Wax & Maintenance Family Product Shot3M™ Wax and Maintenance Products
From Start to Refinish you can achieve professional results with 3M™ Marine Wax and Maintenance Products.

Marine Catalog Cover2006 Marine Products & Systems Catalog
The full Marine Product Catalog in a .pdf format that can be viewed or downloaded to your computer.

Auto Body Repair Products (Bondo®, Dynatron®, Marson®, and Mar-Hyde®
Product offerings of Bondo®, Dynatron®, Marson® and Mar-Hyde® products for auto body repair. Fillers, putties, glazes and related accessories.

PPS™ Paint Preparation System Products

Photo: 3M™ Scotchcal™ Striping Products FamilyScotchgard™ Paint Protection Film
Automotive striping tapes and paint protection films to enhance your vehicle's appearance and provide protection.

Thinsulate™ Acoustic Insulation
A hydrophobic polymeric micro-fiber sound absorber that helps improve interior sound quality and increases thermal efficiency with minimal additional weight.