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Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly formatProtective and Chafing Tapes
Protective tapes for multiple substrates and indoor and outdoor applications.

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3M™ Aluminum Foil Tape 425
A dead soft foil tape with a highly reflective backing that provides excellent radiation for both heat and light.

3M™ Damping Aluminum Foam Sheets 4014
Designed for damping resonant vibrations in thin sheet metal, resulting in attenuated resonant amplitudes and consequent noise reduction.

3M™ Damping Foil Tape 2552
Aluminum foil constraining layer coated with a pressure-sensitive viscoelastic polymer on a poly-coated paper easy-release liner.

3M™ Easy Tear Protective Railing Tape 4130C/ZC
Use for temporary protection of stainless steel rails, stanchions and other cylindrical boat parts.

3M™ Hazard Warning Tape 766
Used for marking of equipment pinch points or gears for warning purposes, temporary floor marking around equipment or spills.

3M™ Hazard Warning Tape 767
Used for marking of equipment pinch points or gears for warning purposes, temporary floor marking around equipment or spills.

3M™ High Temperature Aluminum Foil Tape 433
Used in many high temperature applications, performing up to 600°F (316°C). Good holding, splicing, patching or general protection tape on many applications involving high temperatures. Meets F.A.R. 25.853 (a).

3M™ Marine Heavy Duty Protection Tape 346
Is abrasion resistant; its 17 mil thickness gives outstanding protection against scuffing and tearing.

3M™ Marine Rigging Tape
Protects sails, lines and sheets from chafe damage. This stretchy self-bonding silicone tape resists weather and water yet holds tight without sticky residues. Use it to protect against chafing from shackles, turnbuckles, lifeline fittings, spreader ends and more. A blue center line on this white tape helps you quickly apply it to optimal thickness.

3M™ Polyurethane Protective Tapes

3M™ Premasking Tape SCPM-3
This premask, specially formulated for large format screen printed and electronically cut graphics, eases application of larger graphics to substrates. It has a unique low-tack adhesive.

3M™ Protective Tape SCPM 44X
A 6-mil, medium-high tack protective tape with anti-slip properties. For indoor use only.

3M™ Safety Stripe Tapes
Used to identify and mark traffic areas and physical hazards.

3M™ Surface Protection Tape
Surface protection tape available in a variety of colors and applications.

3M™ UHMW Film Tape 5423
Low coefficient of friction combined with abrasion resistance make this tape an effective solution for many noise and vibration problems. Thickest version for greater abrasion resistance.

Scotch® Caution Tape
Constructed of durable polyethylene plastic and measures three or four mil thick, which prevents accidental tearing. A fast, effective way to restrict entry into hazardous areas. Each roll is individually shrink-wrapped