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Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly format3M Solutions for Alcatel-Lucent
The following products are on contract between 3M and Alcatel-Lucent or have been awarded by Alcatel-Lucent.

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3M™ Digital Board - Arm with Marker Medium ShotEnd-Use
Products for direct usage of Alcatel-Lucent sites for protecting people and sites, for supporting brand communications, for faciliatting communication internal.

3M™ Scotch 130C Linerless Rubber Splicing TapeProduct Sourcing
Products designed and integrated in Alcatel equipment designs and production through direct usage at Alcatel-Lucent sites and any EMS, distributors or sub-contractors of Alcatel-Lucent: connectors I/O, B2B, Backplane, cable assemblies, thermal management, static, shielding,

C241800AProject Sourcing
Products for integration within Alcatel Lucent turn key projects, kitting, and any projects towards end customer or sub-contractors including goods for central office, cabinet and field installation with copper and fibre.