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Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly formatSound Damping Foils
3M™ Metal Foil Tapes Family[click to enlarge]
3M™ Damping Foils feature a constrained layer construction consisting of a pressure sensitive viscoelastic polymer and a dead-soft aluminum foil (constraining layer).

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3M™ Damping Foils' construction effectively converts vibrational energy to negligible heat. Designed to be used where metal, plastic panels or support structures create disruptive or damaging resonant vibration. Damping Foils can be designed into or retrofitted to a broad range of industrial products, electronic equipment and appliances.

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3M™ Sound Damping Aluminum Foam Sheets
3M™ Damping Aluminum Foam Sheets are designed for damping resonant vibrations in thin sheet metal, resulting in attenuated resonant amplitudes and consequent noise reduction.

3M™ Damping Foil 2552Sound Damping Foil Tapes
3M™ Vibration Damping Tapes help damp vibrations on panels and steel support members vibrating at their natural (resonant) frequency, consists of a pressure-sensitive viscoelastic polymer and aluminum foil constraining layer, effectively converts vibrational energy to negligible heat to reduce irritating noises and decrease wear and tear on parts.

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