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Scotch-Brite™ Clean and Finish Rolls[click to enlarge]
Scotch-Brite™ rolls are conformable and follow surface contours, eliminating undercutting and surface leveling. Replaces steel wool. Use for paint, rust and corrosion removal, light deburring, mild polishing, scuffing, or cosmetic finishing.

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Scotch-BriteHS Blend&FinishRolls,4" 6" 8"x30', 64268,64275,64251Blend and Finish
Durable and tough. Excellent for conformable blending, deburring, satin finishing, and cleaning.

Scotch-Brite™ Clean and Finish RollsClean and Finish
Use for hand cleaning, top coat rubbing of wood products, hand blending and hand finishing. Flexible web is excellent for removing light contamination and fine finishing. Cut into desired length for oscillating sanders.

Scotch-Brite™ Cut and Polish RollsCut and Polish
A unique and aggressive material to increase cleaning and finishing action. Very sturdy and long lasting web material. Particularly good for heavy industrial cleaning and light deburring applications. Perfect for stropping and other bench applications.

High Gloss
Extra lofty and conformable, non-abrasive, pliable web that can be used with compounds for final polish and high gloss finishes.

High Strength
Tough and durable web specifically designed to provide increased wear resistance and longer product life. Used in a variety of applications ranging from jet blade deburring, light coatings removal, decorative finishing, and light coatings removal.

KS Clean and Finish
A thicker, denser, less conformable roll. Coarser than other webs. Especially good for cleaning and surface preparation. Ideal for maintenance and repair operations to prepare surfaces for paints, sealers or other coatings.

Light Deburring
Specifically designed for light deburring applications. Can be used for light cleaning, surface prep or finishing. Can be used by hand or on oscillating sanders.

Metal Blending
An open material with coarser silicon carbide mineral for blending satin finishes. Especially good at graining metals, specifically stainless steel. Also may be used for light cleaning or surface prep. Cut to desired length.

Production Clean and Finish
Delivers higher cut, longer life and a better finish. Used on aluminum, stainless steel, plastics, wood and fiberglass. Ideal for cleaning contamination, paint prep, surface blending and scuffing or surface preparations.

Scotch-Brite™ Clean and Finish RollsSuper Polish
A thick, non-abrasive material ideal for topcoat cleaning and finishing. Works especially well with compounds. Cut to desired size.

Surface Conditioning
Good for deburring and finishing applications on a wide range of work materials including stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum. Leaves a uniform soft grain finish in grades from super fine to coarse. Can be cut to size.

Specifically designed for wood top-coat rubbing and finishing applications. Is effective without compounds or in conjunction with compounds or wax. These rolls are very effective when used with oscillating sanders.

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