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Product Catalog for 3M Manufacturing and IndustryIndustrial TapesTape Dispensers

Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly formatHand-Held Dispensers
2 hand-held disp boxes and rolls[click to enlarge]
A variety of hand-held dispenser designs and constructions to save time and tape in smooth, secure sealing, reinforcing, or bundling.

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Box Sealing Tape DispensersHand-Held Dispensers for Box Sealing Tapes
Comfort, convenience, and efficiency at your fingertips. Make the most of your box sealing tapes with hand-held dispensers designed for easy handling and operation.

Filament Tape Dispenser H-10Hand-Held Dispensers for Filament Tapes
Convenient and reliable hand dispensers to make quick work of bundling, L-clips, and box closing with a variety of filament, strapping, tear strip, and specialty tapes.

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