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Product Catalog for 3M Manufacturing and IndustryAbrasive ProductsAbrasives - Power Tools, Accessories, Compounds, Specialties

Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly formatAbrasive Power Tools & Tool Accessories
3M™ quality pneumatic tools are designed to optimize tool and abrasive performance during cutting, grinding, blending or finishing applications. Its design and advanced technology increase operator comfort by directing exhaust away from the operator.

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 3M™ ASD Declaration of Conformity PN 20452 and PN28364 - Regulatory Material (PDF 1.5 MB)
 3M™ Buffer - Pistol Grip Instruct Manual, 3", 76mm, 2200RPM - Instructions/Manual (PDF 681.0 K)
 3M™ Clean Sanding Filter Bag Technical Data Sheet PN20452, 28364 - Data Sheet (PDF 51.8 K)
 3M™ CleanSandingFilterBagBackpackAssemblyPN28365Instructions - Instructions/Manual (PDF 384.0 K)
 3M™ Drop-In Motor Service Instruction - Instructions/Manual (PDF 175.6 K)
 3M™ Electric Variable Speed Polisher, PN28391 Flyer - Flyer (PDF 814.1 K)
 3M™ File Belt SanderInstructManual, 1/8-3/4"x18-24", 22000RPM - Instructions/Manual (PDF 1.7 MB)
 3M™ Industrial Products for Woodworking Catalog - Catalog (PDF 20.5 MB)
 3M™ Inline Sander Instruction Manual, 1HP 1600RPM and 3500RPM - Instructions/Manual (PDF 862.3 K)
 3M™ Mini ROS Instruction Manual-1-1/4", 32mm, 8,000RPM - Instructions/Manual (PDF 959.6 K)
 3M™ Orbital Sander General Conversion Instruct 3"x4",75x100mm - Instructions/Manual (PDF 394.0 K)
 3M™ Orbital Sander Service Instruction, 3" x 4", 75mm x 100mm - Instructions/Manual (PDF 224.5 K)
 3M™ OrbitalSanderGeneralConversionInstruct, 3"x4", 75mmX100mm - Instructions/Manual (PDF 387.8 K)
 3M™ Power Tools and Accessories-AAD Version Catalog PDF - Catalog (PDF 3.6 MB)
 3M™ Random Orbital Buffer Instruction Manual 3", 77mm 11,000 RPM - Instructions/Manual (PDF 3.2 MB)
 3M™ Random Orbital Polisher Instruct Manual, 3" 76mm 11000RPM - Instructions/Manual (PDF 464.1 K)
 3M™ Random Orbital Sander Instruction Manual-3" 7mm, 12000RPM - Instructions/Manual (PDF 730.9 K)
 3M™ Random Orbital Sander Svc. Instruct, 5", 6", 127mm, 150mm - Instructions/Manual (PDF 286.9 K)
 3M™ Random Orbital Sander-3" 7mm 12000RPM PartsList-Schematic - Instructions/Manual (PDF 410.3 K)
 3M™ Random Orbital Two Hand Sander - Safety Inserts (PDF 3.3 MB)
 3M™ RO Pistol Grip Sander Instruct Manual, 3",76mm, 15000RPM - Instructions/Manual (PDF 678.0 K)
 3M™ RO Sander General Conversion Instruct 5",6", 127mm, 150mm - Instructions/Manual (PDF 490.3 K)
 3M™ ROS General Conversion Instruct 3",5",6",77mm,127mm,150mm - Instructions/Manual (PDF 416.1 K)
 3M™ ROS General Conversion Instruction 3", 77mm - Instructions/Manual (PDF 357.9 K)
 3M™ ROS Instruction Manual-5" and 6" 127 and 150mm, 12,000RPM - Instructions/Manual (PDF 1.2 MB)
 3M™ ROS Overhaul Svc Kit Instruction 20346, 3" 77mm, 12000RPM - Instructions/Manual (PDF 252.1 K)
 3M™ ROS-5" and 6" 127 and 150mm, 12000RPM PartsList-Schematic - Instructions/Manual (PDF 335.9 K)
 Service Instructions-3M™ 10,000 OPM 3x4" 75x100mm Orbital Sander - Instructions/Manual (PDF 224.6 K)

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3M™ Cut-Off Wheel Tool Model Numbers 20233, 20234, 202353M™ Cut-Off Wheel Tools
Its compact designed with built-in safety features to easily handle cutting through everything from standard rebar to oversized bolts, you can count on the performance and dependability of 3M™ Cut-Off Wheel Tools.

3M™ Die Grinder Model Numbers 20237, 20238, 20239, 202403M™ Die Grinders
The 3M™ line of pneumatic die grinders is more versatile with new choices for operating speeds and horsepower. Its application equipped to handle all your cylindrical polishing, buffing, shaping and deburring needs.

3M™ Disc Sanders Models 20231, 202323M™ Disc Sanders
3M got the right angle “right” on this new Disc Sander for metalworking. A 97 degree head angle (vs 90 degree) allows for more comfortable wrist position and improved ergonomics.

3M™ Electric Random Orbital Sanders
Features a whisper quiet 24 volt brushless DC motor with three speed options, an alloy steel variable speed curved throttle lever, 3M gripping material molded into the interchangeable comfort grip, built-in wrist support, and conveniently located speed controls.

3M™ Abrasive File Belt Sander PN28366 w/Coated Abrasive Belt3M™ File Belt Sanders
No worries about getting into a tight spot with the new 3M™ File Belt Sander! This new air-powered sander is designed with the operator's comfort and efficiency in mind.

3M™ Inline Sander PN28339, 3500RPM 1 HP 5/8-11 Thrd Ext Shaft3M™ Inline Sanders
3M™ Inline Sanders are used for generating straight line scratches for finishing stainless steel and other metals. Tools contain 3M™ Greptile™ material for added comfort and can be used with inflatable or slotted wheel accessories.

3M™ Orbital Sander, 3"x4" Non-Vacuum close-up sealer sanding3M™ Orbital Sanders & Nib Sanders
The 3M™ Orbital Sanders are pneumatically powered, light weight and have the lowest profile available on the market. The 2 mm (1/8 in) orbit along with 3M's high quality abrasives produce superior finishes with long abrasive life and good cut rates.

3M™ Random Orbital Sander, 5" Non-Vacuum Close-Up of Sanding3M™ Random Orbital Sanders & Buffers
The 3M™ Random Orbital Sanders are pneumatically powered, light weight and have the lowest profile available on the market.

3M™ T27 Grinders

3M™ Power Tools Replacement Parts Product Group PhotoReplacement Parts
Replacement parts for 3M™ Abrasive Power Tools. See Owners Manual for specific tool for Parts List and tool schematic.

3M™ Disc Sanders, Die Grinders, Cut-Off Wheel ToolsTool Accessories
3M™ Power Tool Accessories keep the tools running at top performance and allow the tools to be converted to other configurations.

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