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Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly formatFlatback Paper Tapes
3M™ Flatback Tapes 2515, 2517, 2525[click to enlarge]
This family of paper Flatback Tapes have rubber adhesive and provide high visibility for holding many materials, for edge banding, and web splicing, tabbing, and packaging where tape strength is as must. Paper has flat, not crinkled, texture. This helps tape to retain original shape, useful in maintaining a straight line.

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Scotch® Flatback Masking Tape 250
Flatback masking tape for a wide variety of bundling and holding applications where a stronger paper backing is needed. Flat stock paper with rubber adhesive.

3M™ Masking Flatback Tape 2517Scotch® Flatback Tape 2517
A general purpose, flatback paper tape for splicing liner boards, bundling, holding and packaging applications.

Scotch® Performance Flatback Tape 2525Scotch® Performance Flatback Tape 2525
A high performance, flatback paper tape for use in holding, splicing or masking applications where high adhesion strength, high temperature capability and high backing strength are required

Scotch® Printable Flatback Paper Tape 256
A printable flatback paper for many masking, bundling, holding, splicing operations requiring information or color identification. Tape is printable with standard flexographic inks. Available in red, white blue yellow, and green

Scotch® Textile Flatback Tape 2526
A flatback paper tape for use in the textile industry where a high adhesion strength and high holding are required.

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