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You've clicked to one resource with thousands of industrial products for unlimited solutions to help you design, build, and ship a better product. From here you can open the way to the full resources of 3M technology and talent for applications as varied as grinding, bonding, masking, damping, protecting, packaging, fluid filtering, and more.

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Abrasives Full Family Group PhotoAbrasive Products
Quality you can count on in a full line of premium engineered abrasives and general-purpose abrasive products for industrial applications.

3M™Double Coated Foam Tape rolls image.Adhesive Transfer and Double Coated Tapes
Enhanced product styling, improved end use performance, increased production efficiency - If you think one, any, or all these ideas can help you bring a better, more competitive product to market, you'll want to evaluate the many adhesive tape technologies available from 3M.

3M adhesives are available as liquids, pastes, tapes, films, and shaped solids. Each has characteristics to be considered for application effectiveness and efficiency.

3M VHB TapesIndustrial Tapes
The combination of unique, high-performance backings, adhesives and formats makes 3M Industrial Tapes ideal for a wide variety of applications from sealing, holding, bundling and reinforcing to identifying, masking, surface protection, splicing and more.

Case Sealer and BST GroupPackaging Tapes & Equipment
The full job of a package is containment, protection, and communication. 3M helps put your packaging to work with a variety of box sealing tapes and dispensing equipment, as well as packaging solutions for bundling, reinforcing, labeling, and more.

Industrial TapesSpecialty Products
3M combines pressure sensitive adhesives with a variety of substrates to create specialty products that protect, mask, and enhance. These products range from floor mats that trap dirt to resilient bumpers and feet that resist skidding and quiet sound.

3M™ Dual Lock™ Reclosable FastenersTapes - Fasteners
An Open-and-Shut Case: 3M™ Fasteners
The modern age of design and manufacturing requires new ways of securing, attaching and connecting different surfaces. From the brief moment a golf glove must adhere to a golf club grip, to the few hours a trade show facade must stick to a booth frame to the eternity an access panel must stay closed, but quickly accessible.

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