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3M™ Temperature Logger Software System

TL-series software features, computer system requirements, and support…

temperature logger


The 3M™ TL-Series Temperature Logger Software offers the following features:

  • User can program upper and lower temperature limits, interval between temperature readings, and duration of temperature monitoring.
  • Additional options include alarm activation, LED display, manual or automatic start/stop mode, and delayed start/stop function.
  • Software offers interactive graphing tool.
  • Report generation can be customized.
  • Reports can store comments and/or a digital picture, such as a logo or a photo showing shipment conditions.
  • Data can be exported via Microsoft® Excel or comma-delimited format.
  • Shipping information, such as a bill of lading number or a purchase order number, can be recorded.
  • Password protection provides increased data security.

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temperature logger

Software Support

If you have questions related to this software, please consult these resources:

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